Service Hours

Troop 584’s Service Policy is built around the premise that our Scouts will serve as Ambassadors of our Troop, the program, and the Boy Scouts of America. After all, it's the spirit of the Boy Scout slogan, “Do a Good Turn Daily”.

Each year, the Troop provides many opportunities for Scouts to participate in community service projects, Eagle Scout projects or other Boy Scout of America activities. Attending these service projects is a very important part of being active in your Troop.

Should a Scout identify another Troop Service Opportunity, they should fill out the Project Nomination Form and turn it in to the ASPL of Service and ASM of Service more than two weeks prior to the event.  Let’s find the projects, bring them in, make them Troop projects and multiply our impact.

Should the project not find its way onto the Troop calendar, the Scout is still encouraged to consider any service rendered as his Duty to Others and further fulfillment of his Scout Oath by completing an Individual Troop 584 Service Form and submit to the Scoutmaster for approval.

At certain ranks, service hours are required in order to advance. In order for those requirements to be signed off, those service hours performed as a Scout must appear in the Scout’s records in the Internet Advancement 2 (IA2) database. In addition, these service hours are also reviewed for selection to troop leadership positions.


Service Hour Classification

The Troop recognizes and records four types of service hours:

1. TROOP Service projects are performed as a Troop function (typically coordinated by the ASPL of Service). These hours will be recorded and turned in to the Advancement Coordinator by the appropriate ASPL or Project Coordinator. Troop service hours also includes troop recruiting nights and work days that do not benefit the individual scout directly.

2. EAGLE Service projects led by the Eagle Candidate. These hours will be recorded and turned in to the Advancement Coordinator by the Eagle Candidate.  These hours need to be turned in before the Final Project Meeting with Scoutmaster.

3. INDIVIDUAL Service hours (i.e. other Community or Organization).  THESE SERVICE HOURS MUST BE PRE-APPROVED BY THE SCOUTMASTER IN ADVANCE.  These hours are recorded by the individual Scout via the Troop 584 Service Form and turned into the Advancement Coordinator.

4. BSA Coordinated Service (i.e. District, Council, Pack).  These hours may be reported back to Scoutmaster by Event Coordinator or recorded in Scout Handbook and signed by Event Coordinator.  If recorded in Handbook, the Scout must present Handbook to Scoutmaster for approval to be recorded by Advancement Coordinator. 

Service Hour Credit Restrictions

  • The Scout cannot directly benefit (monetarily or otherwise) from the outcome of his labors, as an individual. For example, hours are not earned staffing summer camp and getting paid.
  • The Scout cannot count hours if performing the activity is part of his troop’s position of responsibility. For example, Den Chief or OA Representative.
  • Service hours aren’t cumulative. In other words, the hour of service used for Tenderfoot only counts toward Tenderfoot. A Scout cannot, for example, also count that hour as one of the two he needs for Second Class.