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This page is created for the Texas Skies Camporee 2015 team:

Attached, please find the latest version of the Texas Skies District Camp-O-Ree 2015 Leader's Guide. We look forward to seeing all of you at Camp-O-Ree this coming weekend. Please make sure that you have registered your Troop by Wednesday, 2/25 at

  • Scout Patrols should include a staff guest in their headcounts for Saturday supper as this meal is part of the competition (your registration fee will be reduced $4/Patrol to compensate for this added cost).
  • Scout Patrols will be competing in two age categories (5th/6th graders and, 7th grade and over) so the oldest Scout in the Patrol will determine the age category for the entire Patrol. Your blended-age Patrols can either "play up" to the older age or you can re-organize your Patrols for this outing.
  • There is a Scoutmaster cook-off so bring on your best game.
  • Due to ground conditions, you may not have the luxury of driving any closer to your campsite than the parking lot so plan accordingly. Remember, our theme is "Back to the Basics" so pack light.
If you are Key staffer, adult trainer, shooting/climbing instructor/director or adult advisor who will not be registered with your Troop, register at you have not already sent them to me, I need copies of your certifications in advance. Your YPT needs to be current and you should bring your certification cards and photo ID's with you. Also, I need to know which meals you plan to be in camp for so we can arrange to have you fed. Thank you for volunteering, especially because you likely won't have a Scout present at camp.

I think we still need a First Aider (ideally an EMT, paremedic, nurse or doctor), Merit Badge Counselor trainer, second archery instructor and several NRA certified rifle/shotgun shooting instructors. We can probably also use trained climbing instructors. Please let me know if you can help on Saturday between 1 and 4:30 PM.

See you Friday!

James Hutchinson, SPL Camp-O-Ree 2015
Mike McKenna, Scoutmaster Camp-O-Ree 2015

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