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Local Area Merit Badge Classes

The following list of local merit badge classes include the troop's list of merit badge classes which have provided our scouts with quality instruction and successful outcomes.    Some places not on this list advertise merit badge classes that are to good to be true such as earning an Eagle merit badge in a single day.  Before enrolling or paying tuition for a class at an institution NOT on this list, please contact 

  1. Houston Museum ofNatural Sciences - Astronomy, Bird Study, Energy, Geology, Insect Study, and Reptile & Amphibian Study 
  2. Moody Gardens – Communications, Oceanography, Space Exploration, Soil & Water, Environmental Science, First Aid, Bird Study, Weather, Nature, Fish and Wildlife 
  3. Space CenterHouston – Space Exploration, Electricity, Geology Astronomy, and Scuba
  4. BechtelEngineering Day - They offer Chemistry, Computers, Drafting, Electricity, Engineering, and Nuclear Science at no cost. Pre-work is required. 
  5. Houston Arboretum
  6. Texas Skies District Merit Badge Fair
  7. Mustang District Merit Badge Day
  8. Goldern Arrow District Merit Badge Fair
  9. Texas A&M Merit Badge University