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Adults - How to become a Merit Badge Counselor

Merit Badge Counselors

If you are looking for a MBC or you would like to sign up to become a one please contact: Meredith Lanning at

Complete the following forms to become a Merit Badge Counselor

1.  Complete the  Merit Badge Counselor application (PDF)  and select the merit badges to counsel based on your vocation, education, hobbies, or interests.

2.  If you aren't already a registered BSA adult leader, please complete BSA Adult Leader Application Form (PDF).  If you are already, a registered leader, you do not have to pay another registration fee, but must

you must complete an Adult Application again "for position code 42."

3.  All adults working with scouts, need to take the BSA's Youth Protection Training at least every two years.

Return all paperwork to Meredith Lanning at the advancement desk or via email at