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Earning a Merit Badge with a Troop Counselor

Steps to Earning a Merit Badge with a Troop Counselor (individually or in a class)

1.      Select a MB. If it is an Eagle MB check that it is pre-approved for your rank/grade through the MB table below.  Exceptions must be discussed with the Scoutmaster.

2.      The scout should meet with the Merit Badge counselor and discuss the Merit Badge and see if the Counselor can work with the scout due to schedules etc.

3.      After finding an available troop counselor, the scout should then go to the Advancement Desk during a troop meeting and get a signed blue merit badge card. 

4.      Only after the scout has the blue card can the scout begin to work on the Merit Badge but with the Counselor’s guidance. 

5.      The scout then works on the Merit Badge with his Counselor.

6.      When the scout has completed the requirements for a merit badge, his Counselor will sign the blue card in two places.

The scout then needs to turn the completed signed Merit Badge blue card into the Advancement desk.