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Troop 584's Photo Collection (Scout Account Required)

The Troop's photos are stored in two places.  The Troop 584 Facebook Group and Google Photos.  The Google Photos storage works better for storing a large number of photos while Facebook works better for smaller collections.  Please use whatever is most convenient for you. The important thing is to capture the pictures so they can be used in future slide shows.

How to view the troop's photo collection
1. Login with the id,, and the regular troop password. 
2. Click the Link to Troop 584 photo collection and you can view the pictures.

How To add photos to the Google Photo collection:

1. Login with the id,, and click the Link to Troop 584 photo collection
2. Click on the UP arrow (highlighted in yellow in this image) to upload your photos.

3. When the upload is complete, select "Add to Album"

4. If adding to a new album, please pick a name that begins with the year, e.g., "2016 Emerald Bay" or "2016 January Webelos Woods".  

How to find (or add) photos older than 2012:
Because we have so many photos, we have to use two google accounts to store them, and If you are trying to get to the old photos, you need to be logged onto google with

1. If  you are logged into Google as or your personal gmail or google account. You will need to sign off from Google.

2. Next, sign back in to google, but this time, use the account, “” with the regular troop password

3. Go to and you will see the photos.