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Safety on Outings

Safety is part of everything we do in Scouting. 

  • The first requirement of every Merit Badge addresses Safety and First Aid. 


  • BSA policies address Driving safety
    • Cannot drive more than 10 hrs/day
    • No convoys
    • Seat belts required (the Troop prefers 3-point belting)
    • No riding in back or sides of trucks


  • Campouts
    • Liquid fuels are prohibited on Scout property
    • Sanitizing techniques are taught for cleaning of dishes
    • Cross-contamination procedures are taught for handling of food
    • Hand sanitizer for each Patrol box should be provided by the Grubmaster
    • Cooking Outdoors Information - Dutch Oven


  • Safety Moment-How to save a life with an AED
    • Some people are afraid of Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s) because they think they might use it wrong on someone who is having a heart attack. The Troop owns an AED that we bring on our outings and AED’s are now in many public places such as malls and are available for use by the general public so they are designed to not shock unless a shock is needed
      When you go to this website link, http://www.heartrescuenow.com/, watch the opening video before clicking start.

The Troop welcomes suggestions for improved Health and Safety.

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