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Winter Camp Information Meeting

Winter Camp 2014

Merit badges sign up November 1st

Winter Camp Meeting December Monday December 15th

7:00pm at the troop meeting

Camp dates December 26th leave – December 30th


Winter Camp Merit Badge Sign-up

Please use the following form to choose your first and alternate selections for merit badges at the 2014 winter camp. Although there are 5 sessions available you MUST pick "Activity Period" as one of your choices. Anyone who does not will have one of their choices changed for them.

While every attempt will be made to register you for your first choice if it is not available we will revert to your alternate choice.

Please note that some merit badges (Environmental Science, Pioneering, Hunter Safety, Orienteering and 1st Class Emphasis) are marked as "double sessions". This means that if you choose any of these badges you must sign up for both sessions (1&2 or 3&4 or 4&5 (in the case of 1st Class Emphasis).