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Demonstrating Scout Spirit

Demonstrating Scout Spirit

The BSA Requirement for each rank is to ‘Demonstrate Scout spirit by living the Scout Oath and Scout Law in your everyday life.’

Lord Baden-Powell began the Boy Scouts with two goals in mind for the young men who participated in the organization.  The first was to teach the boys Scoutcrafts, and the second was to teach them to live by the Scout Spirit.  Scout Spirit is its’ own distinct requirement, and arguably the most important requirement at each rank.  It is not a check mark that all of the other requirements at that rank have been met. 

Since Scout Spirit is measured by the way scout lives his everyday life, the easiest way to "Demonstrate” scout spirit is through active, cheerful, and helpful participation in recent meetings and campouts.

For each rank, evaluating Scout spirit will always be a judgment call based on a discussion between the Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) and the scout.  In evaluating whether a scout has fulfilled this requirement the ASM will ask the scout probing questions and observe the scout at meetings and camp-outs since his last advancement.

In addition, for First Class, Star, Life and Eagle ranks, actively involved troop adult leaders, the boy led troop leadership team, and the scout’s patrol members will be solicited on how the Scout is fulfilling the requirement to "Demonstrate Scout Spirit”.  The troop will request both positive and constructive feedback with the aim of using that feedback to coach the scout.

When a scout believes that he has demonstrated scout spirit, he should contact the Assistant Scoutmaster who is in charge of Scout Spirit for that rank to schedule a meeting time.

  • Tenderfoot:       See latest ASM roster 
  • Second Class:  See latest ASM roster 
  • First Class:       ASM Hazel
  • Star:                 ASM Guion
  • Life:                 Scoutmaster Wojo
  • Eagle:              Combined with your Eagle Scoutmaster Conference